Empower Your Nonprofit’s Mission with nativeMsg

Automated Campaign Communication

Enhance campaign communication efficiency with automated responses and AI-driven chatbots

Keep supporters informed about ongoing campaigns, events, and volunteer opportunities, ensuring a positive engagement experience.

Fundraising Events and Appeals

Launch targeted fundraising campaigns and appeals. nativeMsg empowers you to schedule and automate messages for events, donation drives, and urgent appeals, maximizing your nonprofit’s fundraising potential.

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Effortless Donation Management

Simplify the donation process with our intuitive messaging system.

Allow donors to contribute seamlessly through SMS, WhatsApp, or other messaging apps, making it easy for them to support your cause.

Take Your Nonprofit’s Mission to the Next Level with nativeMsg!

Ready to revolutionize donor engagement and fundraising efforts? Embrace the future of nonprofit communication with nativeMsg. Elevate your cause, streamline communication, boost support, and create lasting impact in your community.


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Massive Return on Investment

Experience a substantial return on your investment with nativeMsg’s cost-effective solutions that bring tangible benefits to your nonprofit’s communication and fundraising efforts.

Stay Connected to your Supporters

Give supporters 24/7 access to your organization, including:

Listen. Engage. Respond.

Consistent and Streamlined Engagement

Engage with your supporters, donors, and volunteers. Be there when they need you.

Contact Center

Improve Contact Centers

It can be a frustrating roadblock for supporters who want to engage now.  Nobody wants to be put on hold.

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Unlimited Queries, Constant Support

Now, supporters can get the answers they need, when they need them. Instead of spending hours on hold, you can automate FAQs, policies, giving, and Volunteering with conversational AI for less wait time—and a better experience overall.

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