The conversational AI platform that works with your stack. Upgrade customer experience and support across any messaging & voice channel.

  • Easily design and deploy
  • True 24/7 omnichannel customer service
  • Flexible branded features
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1. Choose a Conversation

Your customers want to communicate with you the same way they communicate with their friends.

Replace current constraints of outdated lead forms, customer service structures and communication systems with conversational experiences. You’ll see a marked difference in efficiency, engagement and conversion.

Our platform is built to integrate easily within your stack.

Create text or voice AI conversations to streamline any business system and do it easily. You’ll save on operation costs to focus on growing business where you want it to go.


2. Choose Your Channels

If you’re on it, we’re on it

Messaging is the new customer platform and our intelligent messaging creates real omnichannel reach.

We’ve designed the nativeMsg platform with a comprehensive API that grows to where you, your customers and marketspaces are heading.

The nativeMsg platform is a conversational AI service that learns from each interaction for an exceptional and personalized experience.

Get tailored voice-activated Alexa Skills for your product or service, the new SMS experience- RCS Business Messaging for mobile, and get going with always-open customer care on your social channels.


3. Choose a Service

Do it all in-house. Create, deploy and manage all of your conversations from one login point on the nativeMsg platform.

Or we’ll customize, build and deploy for you.

Developer-Friendly. We take an API first approach to all of our development efforts. We stay one step ahead so you can too.

The nativeMsg Platform Ecosystem:

  • Create simple to advanced contextual conversations.
  • Visually add compelling, rich media.
  • Track conversation metrics and flows.
  • Monitor and manually respond to customers in real-time.
  • Manage all your conversations from one cloud-based location for all the channels your customers use.
  • Assign, tag and check statuses of conversations.
  • Track leads and conversations in real-time
  • Analyze customer engagement flows
  • Monitor preferred customer paths
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