your business in messaging channels.

A single platform to automate your customer conversations across any messaging channel.

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Give Your Customers 24×7 Automated Access to Your Business

Customers want to communicate with you the same way they communicate with their friends. By deploying an automated conversational layer on top of your current business systems,  customers can achieve their goals on their timeframes.

getting from
A to B

of their choice

on their

Start by Choosing
a Conversation

Replace current constraints of outdated lead forms, customer service structures and communication systems with conversational experiences. You’ll see a marked difference in efficiency,  engagement and conversion.

  • Our platform integrates easily within your stack
  • Create text or voice AI conversations
  • Save on operation costs to focus on growing your business

New Messaging Channels
to Expand Reach

As customer demands are changing the ways businesses communicate, nativeMsg is innovating to meet those customer needs. New channels are continuously being exposed and it is impossible for businesses to stay in front of the changing communications landscape.

Enter nativeMsg – our job is to provide a single platform for you to manage your customer conversations across all channels, new or old, automated or manual.

See the newest channel with the largest potential reach – RCS (Rich Communication Services).

The AI Conversational

Messaging is the new customer communication platform and our intelligent messaging platform creates real omnichannel reach. By using artificial intelligence to train your conversations, you can automate these interactions with a great deal of accuracy and success.

These messaging channels allow you to build applications that collect data, conduct commerce and distribute content.
This is the new gateway to the digital customer.