Design and Build Your Chatbots

The way businesses communicate with customers is changing. Messaging is the next application.

Easily create engaging contextual conversations. Visually add different interactions to display media, ask questions, collected data, build context, and more. Developers can build these same robust features into their own applications.

One Model, Multiple Channels

Customers want to communicate with businesses on the messaging channel of their choice. Be accessible to your customers where they choose.

Manage one model of logic and distribute it across many channels. Messaging channels are constantly changing. nativeMsg has created a platform for you to worry about your business rules. We will worry about delivering the messages to your customers.

Manage Conversations

Visibility into customers’ conversations with your business is priceless. Answering tough questions in real-time wins new customers and increases retention.

Monitor and manually respond to customers in real-time. Communicate with your customers on their channel from one centralized location. Assign, tag and check statuses of conversations.


Our REST-based API allows you to build our messaging technology into your application to deploy cutting edge features quicker. View our in-depth documentation with examples in Curl, Python, Java, C# and PHP.

nativeMsg is an API first company meaning each of our features will be available via our API before or at the same time as our user interface. Create bots, send/receive messages, and collect data seamlessly to all supported messaging channels. Integrate with existing CRM, customer support, sales or proprietary applications.

Artificial Intelligence and Analytics

Learning how your customers communicate is key to improving the customer journey. Using analytical data to gather trends, spot drop-offs and monitor preferred customer paths will improve your customer communications.

Automating conversations takes advanced machine learning and natural language processing to achieve desired outcomes. nativeMsg can train data and learn according to how your customers communicate. Start with basic intents or work with us to build advanced models.

  • Data Collection

    Data Collection

  • Automate Customer Requests

    Automate Customer Requests

  • Extend Current Applications Into New Channels

    Extend Current Applications Into New Channels

  • Commerce Notifications

    Commerce Notifications

  • Distribute content

    Distribute content


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