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Supercharge Your Marketing Agency with nativeMsg

Personalized Campaign Messaging

Elevate client campaigns with personalized messaging.

Utilize nativeMsg to send targeted promotions, event invitations, and exclusive offers directly to your clients’ audiences via their preferred messaging channels.

Automated Customer Support

Enhance customer support efficiency with automated responses and AI-driven chatbots. Resolve queries, provide product information, and offer assistance 24/7, ensuring a positive customer experience at every touchpoint.

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Multi-Channel Marketing Integration

Harness the power of multi-channel marketing.

nativeMsg enables you to integrate messaging across various channels, including SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and more, ensuring a unified and impactful brand experience.

Campaign Reporting and Analytics

Deliver transparent campaign reporting to clients. Utilize nativeMsg for real-time analytics, campaign performance reports, and customer engagement insights, providing your clients with valuable data to optimize future campaigns.


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Massive Return on Investment

Experience a substantial return on your investment with nativeMsg’s cost-effective solutions that yield tangible results for your clients.

Your Clients are Available to Their Customers Around the Clock

Give customers 24/7 access to anything they need, including:

Listen. Empathize. React.

Consistent and Streamlined Customer Servic

Even the best customer service agents have off-days. Instead of opting for less-than-the-best, deliver a top-notch service experience every time.

Contact Center

Improve Contact Centers

It can be a frustrating roadblock for supporters who want to engage now.  Nobody wants to be put on hold.

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Unlimited Queries, Constant Support

Now, supporters can get the answers they need, when they need them. Instead of spending hours on hold, you can automate FAQs, policies, giving, and Volunteering with conversational AI for less wait time—and a better experience overall.

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