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nativeMsg’s all-in-one platform equips you to create, manage, and distribute your interactive experiences across channels.

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Make Data-Informed Decisions

Our interactive conversational ads provide exclusive insights and unique data that help uncover patterns in usage flows, products, and queries for smarter decision making.

Channel Messaging

Get to Know Your Customers

Build an immersive experience for customers and encourage interactions that result in rich, first-party data so you can get to know your audience better.

Fast Response 24/7

Manage Everything, All in One Place

nativeMsg’s all-in-one platform empowers you to create, manage, and distribute your interactive experiences with a single tool.

Don’t Just Interact With Your Audience—Understand Them

It’s time to stop measuring clicks and impressions. With nativeMsg, create interactive ads and automated conversations to change the way you communicate.

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Connect With Customers Where They Are

Interact across ads, messaging, and social platforms to engage customers through channels they’re already using.


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Keep Conversations Natural

With nativeMsg, you can program a conversational experience that incorporates GIFs, emojis, images, and more, to make it feel more authentic than ever before.

Change All Channels at Once

Build your interactive ads and automated conversations once, and deploy them across Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Slack, and more. Any change is then automatically reflected everywhere to make updates even easier.

Create A Cohesive, Branded Experience

Add your brand colors, logo, or other elements to your conversation for even more consistency.

Target Segmented Subscriber Lists

Schedule or broadcast messages using lists tailored to specific audience segments for more targeted messaging.

Keep Consumers Engaged

Our interactive ads and personalized communications help you form a deeper connection with consumers for higher engagement.

Pioneering Conversational Marketing

Simplify conversational experiences, deliver increased engagement, and get actionable data for convenient brand engagement.

How Can I Use nativeMsg?

Manage Customer Service Inquiries

Resolve customer issues 24/7 on any channel.

Send Customer Alerts

Send important updates like account balances, system logins, fraud alerts, and two-factor authorization.

Schedule Appointments

Customers can schedule appointments quickly and easily—all without having to talk to anyone.

Execute Marketing Campaigns

Promote new product launches, contests, and content.

Capture New Customers

Ditch stale lead-gen forms and instead attract new customers with next-gen messaging.

Increase E-Commerce Sales

Sell across more channels and integrate payments to make buying even easier.

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