Why it’s for you

Reach customers easily through a variety of channels

Conversational media helps brands and customers to communicate better.

Communicate with customers where they are -with automated actions for apps, maps, and calendars.


Make business decisions with real-time insights.

Uncover patterns from usage flows, popular products, and queries.

Channel Messaging

Breakthrough the noise with a message that resonates

nativeMsg works between channels and your existing contact center.

Fast Response 24/7

Provide faster response times with 24/7 access.

Today, customers want to communicate via text message. 2T texts are sent annually – up 16% from 2017 to 2018.

Glean insights from customer behavior and user journeys.

Change the way you communicate with customers. Stop measuring clicks and impressions and interact with users in your ads.

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Where conversations happen

Build trust with your customers by talking to them where they are comfortable.


For CPG Brands For DTC Brands

Create natural conversations

Consumers communicate using emojis, GIFs, and images. With nativeMsg you can program a conversational experience for any channel using images, video, audio, and files.

One change for all channels

Build once and it’s deployed to 12 channels -Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Skype, Slack, Telegram, Web Chat, Alexa, SMS/MMS Long Code, SMS/MMS Short Code, RCS, and WhatsApp.

Design a branded conversational experience

Customer’s experience conversations with brand colors, brand logos and a branded personal touch.

Send rich, interactive broadcast messages across channels

Schedule or broadcast messages immediately using segmented subscriber lists for targeted messaging.

Smarter, more engaging customer experiences

nativeMsg can learn and train data to create more engaging customer experiences.

Better insights from richer metrics and data

Whatever conversation you want to have with your customers, you can do it natively.

Example use cases

Customer Service

Customer issues are resolved 24/7 on the channel they’re on.

Customer Alerts

Send important updates such as account balances, system login, fraud alerts, and two-factor authorization.

Agent-Free Appointment Setting

Customers can set appointments quickly without having to talk to a person.

Execute Marketing Campaigns

New product launches, promotions, contests, and content.

Capture New Customers

Trade stale lead gen forms for next-gen messaging.

Increase E-Commerce Sales

Sell on more channels and integrate payments.

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