Use Workflows to build rules and logic for interacting with your customers.

Each workflow can link to a specific customer journey and/or messaging channels allowing you to customize the experience to the most fine-grained details. Gather analytical data for each flow and/or channel to see what experience is performing the best.

Chatbot Builder

Our Chatbot Builder allows you to create and connect applications with a messaging layer.

  • Visually create and connect interactions
  • Add NLP intents to build smarter bots
  • Add buttons, quick replies, location and calls
  • Rich media – images, videos, audio and files
  • Collect, validate and assign data to a user profile
  • Kick-off an email in text or HTML
  • Advanced error handling
  • HTTP request methods with retries and fallbacks

Single Connection

A Single Connection to messaging channels.

Connect or build your application to one platform. We will worry about new features, new channels and changes to existing channels. Save time and money by leveraging our connected messaging platform.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • SMS
  • MMS
  • Text Us
  • Alexa
  • and more

Artificial Intelligence

Use Artificial Intelligence to build smarter context aware applications.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning is at the heart of what we do. The ability to train data and learn creates smarter more successful customer experiences. nativeMsg’s platform is built with artificial intelligence in mind. Create your own intents, use slots to build context aware applications or learn your customers habits to provide a better experience.


Each Interaction with a customer can increase your brand’s value. nativeMsg supports these interactions out of the box with ability to customize or add more.

  • Text message
  • Media message
  • Carousel message
  • List message
  • Send messages with buttons and quick replies
  • Email
  • HTTP Request
  • Ask for location
  • Link to websites
  • Collect data and assign to a user profile
  • Validate data with built in types

Viewing and Managing Conversations

Viewing and Managing Conversations allows you to monitor and respond to customers in real-time. The reality is chatbots can automate most of the low value tasks, but those high value tasks need attention, experience and knowledge to win and retain customers.

  • View conversations from all channels in a single interface
  • Assign tags and close conversations
  • Search and filter by date, flows, channels, name, phone and text
  • Respond in real-time with text and multimedia
  • View suggested replies, buttons and the option selected


nativeMsg is Integrated into business applications. Add our messaging layer to your customer system of record application to keep a single profile of your customer.

nativeMsg is currently integrated into Zapier and Intercom with more to come.

Analytical Data

Descriptive and diagnostic Analytical Data is used to deliver insight, uncover patterns, build relationships and make smarter decisions.

nativeMsg digs deeper to track the number and lengths of conversations, messages sent/received, patterns, active hours, most commonly used words and much, much more.

Embedding Bots

Embedding Bots into your web site can give your customers a seamless experience from messaging channels to your site. With a few lines of code, you enable an interface that performs similar to the most advanced messaging channels. These conversations can include buttons, suggested replies, multimedia, data collection, context awareness and more.

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