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nativeMsg’s all-in-one platform equips you to create, manage, and distribute your interactive experiences across all programmatic, display media, messaging and social channels.

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Conversational Logic

Quickly build natural conversations for customers.

Our flexible bot builder uses conversational AI to quickly build marketing messages, so you can communicate with your customers through automated two-way conversations.

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Conversational Commerce

Offer a convenient way to order through chat apps, ads, and social platforms.

Make ordering online frictionless on any device, so it’s easier to get everything from shipping updates to gift reminders.

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Broadcast Messaging

Use conversational media to make marketers’ lives easier.

Deploy promotions, reminders, ads, and other messages to your customer segments with just a few taps.

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Target Consumers

Connect with customers across 12 different channels.

Integrations with the most popular channels like Facebook Messenger and Twitter, Google’s Business Messages and SMS simplify first-party data collection.

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Manage Conversations

Easily filter or search conversations for enhanced insights.

See all of your conversation in one place for a more streamlined approach to lead generation.

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Custom Branding

Customize channels with your own look and feel.

Personalize every channel with your brand colors and logo for increased awareness and recognition.

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No-Code Tools

Built for marketers. Used by marketers.

Our drag-and-drop interface makes it easy for anyone to design and deploy campaigns quickly—no coding required.

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Collect First-Party Data

Data-Driven Insights

Better understand your customers.

Record consumer data, analyze conversations, and build custom reports to make more informed decisions and improve the customer experience.

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A single, two-way connection for all your messaging needs.

Our extensive API can be used to create automation, integrate into marketing stacks, and build custom workflows.

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