Automated Two-way Conversations

Customer Engagement

Customer Experience is the New Marketing

Consumer’s attention spans are short and their expectations high. 82% of customers rate an immediate response (30 minutes or less) as very important when they have marketing or sales questions. (source HubSpot research). And 64% of consumers rate customer experience above price. (source: iperceptions)

Consumer Engagement

Increase ROI on ad spend with conversational ads.

Integrated Messaging

Next-Gen Messaging is Here.

Next-gen messaging offers rich experiences with high-resolution images, video, and GIFs in any color.

RCS Messaging

Customer Security

Through verified sender information.


Your Brand Here

Insert your brand name, logo, and colors for brand recognition.

100% Device Support

100% Smartphone Support

RCS emulator for global deployment on all smartphones. *Patent Pending


Time-saving Actions

Convenient and customized replies with suggested actions for apps, URLs, maps, calendars, and more.



A consistent and personalized experience across channels.

Start Personalizing Customer Conversations

Conversational ads

Bring Ads and Messages to Life

Conversational ads are changing digital advertising by creating a personal experience. Brands can meet customers in ads and encourage them to take action, resulting in higher conversation rates and more customer data.


Conversational ads leverage AI technology, changing the way consumers interact with them.

Ad Hosting

nativeMsg hosts and manages the ad, simply replace your existing creative.

Ad exchanges nativeMsg works with

Appnexus, PubMatic, Google AdExchange, Yahoo Ad Exchange, Microsoft Advertising Exchange, OpenX, Rubicon, AOL ONE Display, Index Exchange Inc, Zynga, Smaato Inc., Gourmet Ads Pty Limited, MoPub Inc., and Programmatic Mechanics

Insights & Analytics

Use Conversational Data to Learn About Customers

Test & track conversations and keywords. Make smarter business decisions with the ability to view popular paths, products, and prime times.


Exceed Expectations

Through text and AI conversations, you can deliver an experience that outpaces your customer’s expectations, making them more engaged and loyal to your brand.


Increased Conversion Rates

7 out of 10 customers prefer to interact with customer support via next-gen messaging.


Increased Customer Retention

89% of brands retain customers with an omnichannel experience.


Increased Customer Participation & Loyalty

80% of customers gained loyalty for a brand over time, due to experiences with excellent products, service, reviews, and advice.

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