Chicago Transit Bot Launch Chicago Transit Bot Logo "Find Your Next CTA Train" title overlay on pink background of Chicago

Chicago CTA commuters can access ChiTransitBot directly at, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter.

Introducing ChiTransitBot

Chicago has averaged 25° this winter. With blustery commutes, sometimes the hardest part of the job is simply getting there. Likewise, commuters here in Chicago have the longest commute of all when compared to commutes in the most populous U.S. cities. Even more striking is the overwhelming need for infrastructure updates and repairs nationwide.

ChiTransitBot helps decrease commuter stress.

Chicago Commuters: Chicago Transit Bot Logo White with pink background of city skyline

nativeMsg Launches the First CTA Commuter Chatbot

The ChiTransitBot is the simplest, fastest way to get accurate, real-time CTA arrival and departure information.

Omni-channel Access-Beginning with Facebook, Twitter, Onsite

The free service is built to know when a train arrives in real time, and it saves your favorite stops for one-touch access.  There’s no learning curve. It’s a simple conversation with an intelligent chatbot that provides commuters with more control over their busy commute schedules.

Chicago Transit Bot Launch shows user entering request for line and getting fast respond on Facebook Messenger

The ChiTransitBot is designed to learn, so it’s more helpful over time.  Take a tour now. We hope it helps to ease the stress of a busy work day.


The nativeMsg Team

Published on Feb 13, 2018