UNICEF World Children's Day 2018 Logo

nativeMsg is pleased to announce the successful launch of a chatbot with UNICEF for World Children’s Day 2018

We’re excited to see that thousands of users engaged the first day of launch and to see continued high engagement numbers in this first week.

Our nativeMsg platform powers the chatbot experience on multiple channels. The chatbot provides users with an opportunity to cast their votes for this year’s World Children’s Day campaign focus, observed on November 20, 2018.  

The global survey required a chatbot experience in multiple languages. Users can cast their vote in either English, Arabic, Spanish or French to have a say in what they feel is the most pressing issue for children in their own community and worldwide.

The survey is launched as an omni-channel experience accessible on both social and its own link. The chatbot survey is a simple way for anyone to get involved by heading over to the chat link here: World Children’s Day Chatbot Survey

nativeMsg is happy to support UNICEF on this worthwhile cause. Get your vote in!

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Published on May 10, 2018