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The holidays are here, or very nearly here. The hurried trek to enjoy the holiday with family and friends, for many, is of course part of the tradition. In tech, over the years, I’ve observed a similar tempo in the march to produce high-level functionality, pertinence and engagement.  

Keeping a pulse on the rapid pace of advancement in chatbot technology can be challenging for consumers new to the space. Like a holiday trip, the route can be at once enjoyable and also crowded with information. More than 100,000 chatbots have been created on Facebook Messenger to reach the over one billion users there.

Adding An On-Site Conversational Interface Layer 

But, in the coming year, expect to see more businesses adding conversational interfaces not only in messaging channels, but also directly on their websites.

We’ve known for some time that reaching customers in messaging channels with a customized chatbot, is a highly useful addition to satisfying customer experience. And organizations are seeing higher levels of conversion, engagement and efficiency.

But onsite conversational interfaces have also been a part of what we offer. And, consumers and businesses are continuing to become familiar with chatbots and all they do, let alone where and how they engage with one.

Educating Consumers Along the Way

This week, we had the pleasure of sharing our sit-down with Built in Chicago on what nativeMsg’s vision is for chatbots. We’re here to support our clients and new customers in educating them on all they can do, now, with a chatbot for their business.

TechRepublic’s piece this holiday week, on how chatbots are transforming the world,  buttresses the data that chatbot tech is highly useful across arenas: you can engage with a chatbot for therapy, for legal support––or for pet adoption.

In addition to building within messaging channels with a user-friendly platform, we also developed “Text-Us,” an easily integrable on-site conversational tool clients can quickly place on any website page for better responsiveness. This is a widget-like tool and an added value.

But it’s just an addition to the on-site customized interfaces we do build. Businesses can integrate a chatbot on any page and in any form, a contact form, banner, ad or as a customized landing page experience.   

The trick in tech, though, and within any new market, is to meet a need a consumer didn’t know he had.

So, as we head into the consumer-friendly holiday season, we’re committed to supporting what’s in the best interest of clients and consumers: Educating with transparency, building with integrity and creating conversational products that deliver on use objectives and experience.

That starts with educating new users on what is a conversational interface and the basics of the exciting progress happening in chat tech in our December posts.

Happy Holidays! 

Published on Nov 22, 2017