Conversational interfaces are making there way into every aspect of our daily lives from voice assistants to automated support chatbots. The ability for a digital consumer to have the shortest path to the information they are seeking is key to providing exceptional customer experiences in today’s digital world.

Conversational Display Ad

From a marketers perspective, display ads are very targeted and have a specific conversion goal when served to a consumer. At nativeMsg, we believe web display ads can be taken to the next level of personalization by engaging a consumer in an ad unit and providing the ultimate marketing experience.

Today we announce the launch of Conversational Display Ads (beta) on the nativeMsg platform.

This will allow marketers to deploy conversational experiences inside of an existing ad platform while leveraging conversational AI to increase engagement and conversions.

Conversational Display Ads allow you to:

  • engage with consumers directly inside an advertisement
  • increase metrics beyond impressions and clicks
  • personalize the customer journey
  • create a two-way interaction in page
  • make your digital ads come to life

Conversational Display Ads are the future of digital advertisement and engagement. Contact nativeMsg or request early access for an account to learn the power of Conversational Display Ads.

You can learn more here.

Published on Jan 10, 2019