nativeMsg is excited to launch the integration of Google’s Business Messages into the nativeMsg platform. Google’s Business Messages is a conversational chat channel that enables a consumer to have an instant conversation with a brand or business.

Google Search results for nativeMsg with the Business Messages icon enabled

For businesses with Google’s Business Messages enabled, a Message icon can be found in Google Search, Google Maps or on a brand’s own website. By clicking the Message icon, the consumer is automatically connected with an automated conversation or live agent. The power of Google’s Business Messages is the seamless transition from Search or Maps to a one-to-one personalized conversation. The brand’s ability to engage with a consumer in this manner satisfies the immediate need and drives more successful outcomes.

The largest problem with most messaging channels to date has been discoverability. Consumers are asking, “How do I find and engage with a business over a messaging channel on my terms?” Google has done a great job inserting messaging naturally where consumers spend their time. This natural insertion will allow businesses to change Google Search, Maps and other entry points from a one-way content delivery channel to a two-way, interactive brand engagement. Consumers expect businesses to instantly solve their problems on their timeframe and channel of choice. Messaging has become the defacto standard for communication, so much so that 75% of consumers now prefer to engage with a brand via private messaging channels versus traditional channels.

The nativeMsg Business Messages experience

Google’s Business Messages, like so many other messaging channels these days, provides a rich, interactive messaging experience. This experience can include text, suggested replies, action buttons, media content and carousels. Consumers can enjoy an automated chatbot experience, message with a live human agent or a hybrid approach where the consumer is given the option to chat with an agent if they get stuck or have a complex question.

nativeMsg is ready to enable Google’s Business Messages for various customer solutions including:

Enterprises looking to create a communication channel inside Google Search.

Most enterprises are looking for AI driven solutions to deflect traffic, respond more quickly and provide higher customer satisfaction. With Google’s Business Messages, nativeMsg can rapidly enable an enterprise to create this two-way dialogue entry point for e-commerce, retail, grocery, airline, CPG and media companies. The use cases can include customer care, marketing, lead generation, product search and much more.

SaaS companies looking to enable Google’s Business Messages for their clients.

Time to market is a key metric when deploying any new feature in today’s market. The ability to enable your customers with features they request in a timely manner can be the difference between winning/losing new customers. nativeMsg’s Platform makes it very simple to fully integrate Google’s Business Messages along with conversational AI and chatbot processing capabilities into your stack.

nativeMsg is excited to launch our Business Messages integration and enable our clients with market leading technology in the conversational media space. If you are interested in deploying Google’s Business Messages, please contact us to learn more.

Published on Nov 11, 2020