Are you familiar with CaaP? If not, you need to be because it is going to change the way you handle your customer experiences.

Satya Nadella outlined Microsoft’s vision for CaaP explaining that “as an industry, we are on the cusp of a new frontier that pairs the power of natural human language with advanced machine intelligence.” This will enable organizations and consumers to get more done and have more fun, with the help of intelligent bots and digital personal assistants.

He went on to say “a world where language will become the new user interface, bots are the new apps, digital assistants are like meta apps or browsers, and intelligence will be infused throughout all interactions.”

The question is why do you need this now and how do you do this?

Currently, there are more active monthly users on messaging applications than social networks. The graphic below shows the most commonly used apps on mobile phones are messaging apps.

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This shift in attention is driving the CaaP paradigm. Customers now expect seamless digital interactions. The companies that ensure this are the companies that consistently have the highest customer satisfaction ratings across all industries. The real opportunity with the shift to CaaP is creating a more digitized customer experience that creates happier more satisfied customers. The bullet points below outline the benefits of incorporating the CaaP model into your customer experiences:

Conversation as a Platform (CaaP)

  1. Happier more satisfied customers
  2. Lower cost of customer communications
  3. Intimate & personalized 1:1 interactions
  4. Higher brand loyalty
  5. Seamless communication platform
  6. Enhanced analytics and data
  7. Faster response times
  8. Relevant, direct and personal
  9. Enables conversational commerce

Imagine a world where your customers use messaging apps and chatbots to receive content and get answers to questions they have. These tools provide actionable insights into your customer’s intentions, brand affiliation and future expectations.

Sound too good to be true? It’s not. We can help you make this a reality.

Your company can capitalize on the potential of using chatbots and messaging applications to offload certain tasks and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. Contact our sales team to get started.

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Published on May 12, 2017