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We want to share our upcoming event with Chicagoland tech as a means to further educated businesses with a free demo and Q&A on the future of business messaging. We’re teaming up with Google for one night to give a demo tour and answer your questions on August 22 here in Chicago: The Future of Messaging-RCS event.

Customers want to engage with businesses like they engage with their friends on messaging apps. We want to provide businesses with a clear demonstration of rich communication services-RCS Business Messaging-and how they can envision using it in their messaging strategy so they can garner all the great benefits sooner than later.

We’ve been an Early Access Partner with Google in the RCS Business Messaging Program since early 2018. RCS, or rich communication services, is at the forefront of technology to replace SMS and to offer the branded messaging experience that consumers are accustomed to in web-based apps.

Rich Communication Services (RCS), combines the best of what customers love on current web-based apps, and includes features like customized branding, rich media, suggested replies, verified sender, read and delivery receipts, suggested actions, payments and much more. Read more about RCS Business Messaging offered by nativeMsg here.

We look forward to offering Chicagoland business a tour of all the features RCS Messaging has, and that nearly 2 billion users will have access to these by early 2019. We’re equally excited that we can offer this service, now, to decrease consumer frustrations with poor branded texting experience (i.e. such as fundamentals; who is this text from?) and boost personalization.

nativeMsg teams-ups with Google for a speaker, demo Q&A educational evening event: Wednesday, August 22, 5-7pm, light spread, drinks. You can register here.

Published on Aug 10, 2018