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5 Times You Interacted with a Chatbot and May Not Have Realized It

Theses days, there are a handful of well-known chatbots (if a chatbot could have celebrity, that is). Cleverbot, Mitsuku and Woebot have garnered much of the buzz surrounding intelligent chatbots.  But when it comes to customer engagement strategies, does that make the now over 100,000 virtual “dayplayer” chatbots less useful or engaging? Hardly. In fact, per Business Insider, enterprise businesses are continuing to invest in developing effective chatbot applications that are even... Read more

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Omnichannel vs. Multichannel: How a Transit Bot Has Simplified Reach

In the last year, omnichannel vs. multichannel marketing sounds like the new buzzword for what is just multichannel marketing. But, it really is a different approach and it's largely because of the tech that enables it. Chatbots within messaging channels play a large part in this approach.  Omnichannel reach is a more productive way to reach customers for everyone. It’s also more customer-centric. Here’s how to think about omnichannel vs. multichannel, what to know for your... Read more

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The Competitive Advantages of Intelligent Voice Assistants for Business

“Hi Voice Assistant. Can you, answer this simple question…” answer this complex question quickly…” schedule…” tell me how..” call...” cancel…” analyze this data… diagnose...” The answer now is Yes. On all the above. Yes. It’s obvious intelligent voice assistants (voicebots) and chatbots are here to stay. If big tech hasn’t made the case, then customer experience should. The ease, always-open nature and consumer convenience is the... Read more

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8 Benefits of Conversational AI for Human Resource Management

  What if your human resource management team had a tool to converge every part of their work process? The reality is, conversational AI, or chatbots, can do much more than automate paper-driven tasks. In fact, it’s one of the fastest growing and easiest means to not only streamlining all your processes but in helping you meet your HR goals. The Most Common Human Resource Management Challenges Data shows that companies spend the most on human resources. According to LinkedIn... Read more

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How Chatbot Transportation Services are the Answer to Public Transportation Woes

  Can chatbot transportation services really be the answer to public transportation and infrastructure woes? Chatbot and (IoT) internet of things are a powerful solution in the short term. Here's how:  The Case for Chatbot Transportation Services Millions of people ride public transportation everyday and Americans take over 10 billion rides on public transportation each year, reports The American Public Transportation Association (APTA).  But public transportation ridership is... Read more