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Survey Chatbots for Stronger Engagement

Surveys take buy-in, preparation time, resource and much effort.  That last factor is typically a sticking point. Survey chatbots work better in many scenarios. The amount of effort it takes to garner feedback in proportion to the amount of surveys... Read more

Sep 24. 2018 Read time: 7 min.

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From the Floor: Day Two Takeaways from #MWCA18

  With Day Two in the books, we wanted to offer a sense of where the conference is heading from the floor at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018. If you can't be here, you can take a look at yesterday's post:  From the Floor #MWCA18 Day One... Read more

Sep 14. 2018 Read time: 2 min.

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From the Floor: Takeaways from #MWCA18

  Day one is in the books at Mobile World Congress Americas 2018 in Los Angeles. As attendees for several years, the nativeMsg team has generally come away with great information, informative discussion, helpful connections and a better sense of... Read more

Sep 13. 2018 Read time: 3 min.