All in one platform

Simplifiy Conversations

No more juggling between multiple platforms.

nativeMsg is an all-in-one platform that works with your existing technology.

No licensing or other software needed.
100% Device Support
Build once and deploy across multiple channels.
nativeMsg dashboard application screenshot

Conversational Logic

Build natural conversations for customers with speed and elegance.

Our flexible bot builder uses conversational AI to quickly build conversational workflows for customers to journey through. Deploy conversational logic once to reach customers across all your channels.

nativeMsg bots application screenshot

Conversational Commerce

Offers the convenience of ordering through chat apps, ads and social platforms.

Ease mobile and web friction. Conversational commerce is not tied to a specific device. Provide enhanced customer experience with natural language for things like processing orders, send shipping updates or gift reminders.

nativeMsg conversations application example

Broadcast Messaging

Not only is conversational media for customers, it’s also terrific for marketers.

With Broadcast Messing, marketers can deliver promotions, reminders, ads and other messages to your customer segments.

nativeMsg blasts application screenshot

Target Consumers

12 Channel Options

With tight integrations into the most popular channels online today, nativeMsg streamlines first-party data collection.

nativeMsg humans application screenshot

Manage Conversations

With access to all conversations, easily filter or search all brand conversations.

nativeMsg conversations application screenshot

Custom Branding

Customize channels with brand logo and brand colors.

Consistent branding spiders across multiple channels to keep consumer s attention and reinforce your brand.

nativeMsg designer application screenshot

No-Code Tools

Built for marketers. Used by marketers.

A drag n drop interface allows marketing teams to design and deploy campaigns quickly

nativeMsg no code application screenshot

Data-Driven Insights

Understand your customers.

Analyze conversations and build reports to make more informed decisions for the brand and to improve customer s experiences.

nativeMsg analytics application screenshot


Our extensive API can be leveraged to create
automation, integrate into marketing stacks or
build custom workflows.

nativeMsg api application screenshot