A Platform for Many Uses

The nativeMsg platform was designed to handle many use cases. By building in features that work across industries, use cases, and multiple
messaging & voice channels, the nativeMsg platform is flexible enough to handle even the most complex digital customer journeys.

Conversational interfaces will drastically change the way we communicate with companies and brands.

Integrate one of these uses into your technology stack.

Customer service and support

Providing a first layer of automated customer service allows customers to get their issues resolved 24/7 on the communication channel of their choice. Integrate with your current support system and contact center or use natveMsg standalone. Fall over to a live agent for high value tasks that require human intervention.

Call Center

Today’s contact center solutions provide robust platforms for managing your customer base. The nativeMsg platform can plug seamlessly into your current customer communication channels to provide an first level of automation on top of your existing contact center. This integration can reduce live agent seats, provide faster response times and open your contact center to 24/7 engagement.

Lead Generation

Converting visitors on landing pages has never been more important for web-based marketing campaigns. Stale lead generation forms are being replaced with conversational interfaces that can engage a user to provide more relevant data.

Appointment Setting

You have the attention of that prospect. Now it is time to get an appointment and close that sale. By leveraging appointment setting tools integrated into the nativeMsg platform, you can book at time while they are excited about your offering.


Companies and brands have the ability to increase consumer participation and engagement by creating immersive customer experiences in messaging & voice channels. These experiences can include rich media (video, images, emojis, audio) to enhance the experience with branded content. Choose your own adventure scenarios are a great way to immerse a user into an experience with your company or brand that can be shared across social channels.


The ability to conduct commerce in any messaging channels opens up the reach of any business by magnitudes. Sell product and integrate payments all within the favorite channels of your customers. Online stores will be integrated within the conversations with your brand. Will you be ready to capture that business?

Market research

Moving from traditional data capture forms to conversational interfaces creates a more natural experience that can increase your survey completions rates dramatically. Working with UNICEF, we were able to realize a 70% completion rate for their World Children’s Day Survey.


The nativeMsg platform can speak multiple languages. The ability to communicate with users in their native language increases the effectiveness of any digital customer journey and widens your audience.

Health Care

Providing patients with access to personalized, on-demand medical resources across multiple messaging and voice channels increases patient satisfaction. Positive health outcomes are directly related to the decrease in friction between patients and healthcare providers.

Onboarding Employees & Customers

Ensure your customers and employees get up to speed as efficiently as possible by incorporating the nativeMsg platform into your employee and customer onboarding. There will always be questions and resources needed when working with in a new role or with a new software or technology.

Loyalty and Reward programs

Loyalty and reward programs suffer from low engagement rates. You can increase participation and engagement of these programs by leveraging existing customers channels. Also, you can personalize the experience by showcasing products and rewards that are more likely to be redeemed by leveraging existing loyalty and reward data.


Studies show that B2B customers require a very high touch approach when first working with a new vendor. When the dust settles and they are a  customer, they want speedy answers, the ability to place orders seamlessly and only require human assistance when absolutely needed.  Conversational interfaces can handle all of these tasks and more.