Standalone or Integrate into your Stack

Our platform connects to messaging and voice channels and links them directly to your business through conversation.
The nativeMsg platform can stand on its own or integrate into your existing technology stack.
An enterprise grade, automated, intelligent messaging layer waiting to deployed.

Build Conversational Experiences (Chatbots)

  • Visually or programmatically create a conversational experience for any channel
  • Link conversational elements together to create a rich dialogue
  • Rich media – images, videos, audio and files
  • Collect, validate and integrate data it into your existing business systems
  • Track essential conversation metrics and flows

Single Conversation Model Deployed Across All Channels

  • A cohesive messaging voice in all your customer channels
  • Build once and deploy where your customers want to communicate with you
  • Launch on new or updated messaging channels instantaneously
  • Track conversational context

60% opt-in subscription rates achieved via conversational interaction

Subscription Management and Blasts

  • Manage subscriber lists and segment for smarter targeted messaging
  • Send rich, interactive broadcast messages across channels
  • Subscribe users in the wild or via messaging channels
  • Fallback messages for unsupported devices
  • Scheduled or immediate, all or segmented

Artificial Intelligence

Use Artificial Intelligence to build smarter context aware applications.

Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning is at the heart of what we do. The ability to train data and learn creates smarter and more engaging customer experiences. nativeMsg’s platform is built with artificial intelligence at its core. Create your own intents, use slots to build context aware applications and learn your customers habits to provide a more personalized experience.


You can learn a lot from how a customer speaks to you. Conversational data is used to deliver insights, uncover patterns, optimize message flows, build relationships and make smarter decisions. nativeMsg digs deeper to track the patterns, number and lengths of conversations, messages sent/received, message paths, reply options, most commonly used words and much, much more.

Engage Users with Web Chat

Take your onsite web chat to the next level with intelligent, automated messaging built right into your website. From customer checkout, to product support or just basic contact us and lead forms, engaging with your customer instead of speaking at them will create more valuable customers. nativeMsg’s web chat plugin is high customizable for your business and can be deployed in multiple modes: embedded, corner popup and integrated transparently into your page.

Enterprise Grade and Security

nativeMsg understands the conversations with your clients are an integral part of your business. We use the highest standards of encryption and security architectures to ensure the security and privacy of your customer data. Our 24×7 messaging infrastructure, system redundancy and SLAs guarantee we can meet the demands of your large scale deployments. We are hosted with AWS and inherit their security certifications and reports for your satisfaction.