One Connection

Develop one connection to nativeMsg and have access to many messaging channels and business systems. We support any combination of flows, channels and bots to meet your development requirements.

Chatbot Schema

nativeMsg has developed a Chatbot Schema to allow developers to create interactive chatbots with a few JSON objects. Collect data, talk over HTTP, send messages and train AI data. We have created these easy-to-use components to expedite your development and provide richer messaging applications.


Our API was developed to simply the chatbot building processes. It adheres to the best practices of RESTful APIs along with ease-of-use. Please view our API documentation to uncover the details and get started.


Listen for messages and events on your end in real-time. Setup webhook URLs and enable the events of your choice. nativeMsg will post the data to your servers as we receive it with failure and retry modes. View the webhook documentation.

Artificial Intelligence

Connect your bot to our AI engine by adding intents, expressions, slots and training data. Your chatbots can become smarter and allow for contextual conversations.

Developer Mode

Developing with a third party system can be hard when there are not enough debugging details provided. This is why we created a developer mode to allow users to see what is going on behind the scenes. View resource ids, user profile data, user variables and more.

Detailed Documentation

We provide in-depth documentation with examples in Curl, Python, Java, C# and PHP. These examples make it much easier to get started and interact with our API. View our documentation.